Deliver customer service like a pro with Atlatos Online Agent

Spot-on support for travel agencies and departments


Full service for online bookings

Atlatos Online Agent gives travel agencies and internal travel departments access to all Atlatos travel bookings made by employees. They can cancel or rearrange bookings (where possible) if requested by the employee due to travel plan changes. It goes without saying that the relevant travel policies, payment processes and account assignment elements will always be factored in. Behind the scenes, the online booking processes are aligned with the service workflows in place at the travel agency.

Full flexibility and functionality for people on the move

  • Create new bookings for customers
  • Cancel and rearrange online bookings (where possible)
  • Manage customers and configure account assignment and billing elements for each customer
  • Save each customer’s service fees for different types of bookings
  • Access reports directly
  • Manage rights, roles and users

Whether you need to make an NDC flight booking or a hotel reservation in line with company-specific settings for central payment (with or without costs being transferred), Atlatos Online Agent is here to make your life easier.

The mid-office integration (e.g. with MIDOCO) takes the pressure off travel agency specialists so they can focus on advising customers.


  • Integration of required booking channels
  • Integration of mid-office systems
  • Connection to profile systems
  • Management of corporate customers
  • Management of billing elements
  • Calculation of service fees based on booking type

Atlatos Online Agent makes it easy to set up new corporate customers. A link to the mid-office system or the travel agency’s profile management system is easy to set up. 

Basic information from the travel agency profile can be managed via the Online Agent. Ticketing restrictions, opening hours, corporate rates, booking channels or elements for the Perfect PNR are also easily configured by the travel agency.  

Atlatos Online Agent provides quick access to all corporate customer travellers at any time. The travel agency can book, cancel or rebook flights, hotels, rental cars or train tickets in just a few clicks. The corporate customer’s payment processes and travel policies are of course taken into account here. 

The travel framework

Atlatos Online Agent
  • Administration
  • Mid-Office-Integration
  • Ticketing configurator
  • Profile synchronization
  • Reportings
  • User-Management
  • Reportings
Company 1
  • Administration
  • User Management
  • Travel request
  • Travel booking
  • Travel expense report
  • Reportings
Company Rule Engine 1
Company Rule Engine 2
Company 2
  • Administration
  • User Management
  • Travel request
  • Travel booking
  • Travel expense report
  • Reportings
Atlatos Booking Engine
Travel policy
Booking channels
Rate control
Booking approvals
HRS, CRC, Ehotel, DERhotel,, Direct Premier Inn
Rental car
Sixt, Europcar, Avis, Hertz, Enterprise
Deutsche Bahn, SBB, ÖBB, SNCF

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Andre Davepon
Implementation Manager