Always ahead for the happiness of a team

The way of Atlatos seems unusual to many. A 26 years old woman founded a software company for business travel solutions. The business idea is not new, but already has been realized by companies in a fiercely competitive market with high levels of investment. But often these are these crazy ideas that give rise to the miraculous. Atlatos was built up to an established system provider for travel management systems – – thanks to an excellent team. We will set everything in motion in order to delight our customers – because this is what we call success at Atlatos.

Esther Stehning – Managing Director

In January 2006 Esther Stehning co-founded, Atlatos GmbH and, as Managing Director, is responsible for the company’s success. In 2002 Esther Stehning completed her studies at the University of Cooperative Education in Mannheim with integrated training at Siemens AG in Frankfurt as a Graduate Engineer in Information Technology (BA) with specialization in project engineering and a focus on sales / marketing. The title of her thesis is: “Requirement Engineering – Advanced technologies in the tourism industry.” Through the end of 2005 Esther Stehning was employed by Siemens Business Services GmbH & Co OHG, with the task to supervise independent travel agencies.

During the structure of Atlatos GmbH, Stehning Esther found her professional passion and in addition to the company’s success, places high standards for responsible entrepreneurship.