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Travel Manager

Atlatos Profi Traveller

Business travel processes simplified, reduced costs

Atlatos Professional Travel Company offers efficient travel management for easy online booking of flights, hotels, rental cars and train travel, in accordance with company policy. With Atlatos Professional Traveller you get a comprehensive approach to all processes of your business travel. These include effective and user-friendly travel planning, integrated travel policy, standardized approval process and auto-generated travel reports.

Advantages of Atlatos Professional Traveller for your company

  • Reduction in direct and indirect travel costs

  • Online booking of flights, hotels, rental cars and train

  • More comfort in travel organization

  • Optimized travel processes

  • More transparency through customized reporting

  • Comprehensive travel management from trip planning to travel expense reports

  • No high initial costs

  • Adjustments to business travel solutions to meet your needs

  • Optimal integration of a supervising travel agents in the all processes of Atlatos Professional Travellers