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Travel Manager

Travel Request

The Atlatos Profi Traveller enables passive and active travel request with an online approval process.

Active Travel Request:

Regarding the active ravel request the traveller applies for the approval before booking and only if the approval is given he can do the booking. The procedure of the approval and the employees who are reponsible for the approvals are defined by the company in advance. Different kinds of travel may involve different procedures regarding the approval. For example if the approval for a seminar is applied for it is possible that two employess must give the approval. As soon as the approval is given the traveller or the applicant gets a mail and the booking is released.

The active travel request includes the following information:

  • Date and time

  • Destination and travel reason

  • cost center or alternative additional data

  • additional comments on the trip

  • Number of required travel services (flight, hotel room, car rental, rail trip)

  • possibly estimated total cost of the trip

  • Optional accompanying travel documents or seminar descriptions

Passive travel request:

As the active travel request needs time and this could involve higher travel expenses the passive travel request is offered as an alternative. The employee responsible for the approval is informed about the travel but his approval is not necessary. If the approval is not given the travel agency will be contacted.

The passive travel request is recommended at a low rejection rate.