A1 certificate via Atlatos

New Functions
03. Jan. 2019
Bescheinigung Hilfe

It is possible to activate the A1 certificate formular, which generates an e-mail that is send to e.g. the human resources department. The employee can fill in the formular and send structured information for each trip abroad the EU.

If desired, your Atlatos contact will activate the formular for you. Please inform your Atlatos contact person about a global mail adress, to which the A1 document is forwareded to. The forwareded e-mail includes all information about the trip abroad that were stated in the formular.

The formular themselves won’t be saved in the Atlatos Profi Traveller. The document is only a formular for the e-mail transmission.

The right of the A1 certificate can be de-/activated per user group.