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Atlatos GmbH is a privately held company. Since the formation of Atlatos GmbH, we focus on increasing efficiency in the organization and development of web based travel solutions for business customers and travel agents. More than 1000 companies as well as 100 travel agencies are among our customers.

360.000 Geschäftsreisende nutzen Atlatos
1.076 Unternehmen vertrauen auf Atlatos
73% Adaptionsrate
Atlatos in Zahlen
14% Kostenersparnis
6Leistungsstarke Produkte
11Jahre Atlatos
44% Flugbuchungen
29% Bahnbuchungen

Because of travel management consulting with our customers and a detailed analysis of market needs, we tailor our booking solutions precisely to the needs of our customers.

The most important customer requirement is aimed at the ease of system use and powerful booking content.

Atlatos solutions enable these companies to bridge successfully the gap between cost optimization and improvement in traveller comfort and the booking process.