Easier business travel with Atlatos Profi Traveller Invoice+ and DERHOTEL

10. Jul. 2024
Einfachere Geschäftsreisen mit Atlatos Profi Traveller Invoice+ und DERHOTEL

Experience the ultimate convenience for your business travel with Atlatos Profi Traveller Invoice+. Through the innovative integration of DERHOTEL invoices into our system, we offer a seamless solution for booking and invoicing your hotel stays. Book your accommodation conveniently via Atlatos Profi Traveller and access all hotel invoices directly in our system at the same time. Best of all, with our Atlatos Expense Engine, all hotel invoices are automatically integrated into your travel expense report.

Why Atlatos Profi Traveller Invoice+ should be your first choice:

  • Integrated invoice management: quick access to invoices for flights, Deutsche Bahn rail travel and hotels booked via DERHOTEL.
  • Increased efficiency: Avoid waiting times for hotel invoices. All documents are available in your Atlatos system just a few days after your trip.
  • Seamless integration: All bookings include digital receipts, completely without manual processes or OCR.
  • Automatic archiving: Invoices are stored in compliance with GoBD immediately after creation and can be retrieved at any time via our or an external archiving system.
  • Long-term archiving: With the Atlatos archiving system, your invoices are secure and can be retrieved at any time for a period of 10 years.

Experience the future of business travel with Atlatos Profi Traveller Invoice+. Efficiency and convenience in booking and invoicing your trips has never been so easy. Make the switch today and take advantage of our innovative solution.