Efficient payment processes for hotel bookings

11. Jun. 2024
Michael Krenz (CRC), Esther Stehning (Atlatos)

10-year partnership between the Corporate Rates Club (CRC) and Atlatos

The long-standing collaboration between Atlatos and the Corporate Rates Club (CRC) marks a significant anniversary in the world of business travel management. Since 2014, this partnership has offered efficient payment processes for hotel bookings and thus outstanding added value for business travelers. “The cooperation, which went live for Atlatos customers in 2014, has proven to be extremely successful over the past 10 years and offers outstanding benefits for our customers,” says Esther Stehning, CEO & Founder of Atlatos GmbH.

Future prospects for the CRC and Atlatos

This ten-year partnership is not only a review of successful years, but also a look into the future. Both companies have set themselves the goal of continuously developing their solutions and meeting the constantly changing requirements of business travel management.

In the coming years, we expect the collaboration to become even more intensive in order to develop further innovative functions and services. Ongoing digitalization, automation and, last but not least, the advancement of AI technologies in the business travel sector offer numerous opportunities to further increase efficiency and convenience in business travel management.

Conclusion: The key to success in business travel management

The collaboration between the Corporate Rates Club and Atlatos is an impressive demonstration of what successful and stable partnerships in business travel management can look like. By combining their strengths and expertise, both companies have managed to offer their customers major advantages. Efficient payment processes play a central role in this, contributing significantly to the optimization of the entire booking and travel process. “The last ten years with Atlatos have been characterized by innovation and growth – and the future promises even more success and progress,” says Michael Krenz, CEO of Corporate Rates Club. Overall, the long-standing partnership underlines the importance of efficient payment processes for business travel management. These processes have not only considerably improved the handling of hotel bookings, but have also significantly increased convenience and efficiency for business travelers. Looking to the future, further innovations and advances can be expected that will further increase the benefits for customers