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Atlatos Expense Engine

Travel expense billing: fast, accurate and efficient according to company specifications

Travel expense billing can now be easily settled with Atlatos Expense Engine. Here, reservation data is already listed, so that a re-entry for the services booked is not necessary.

Atlatos Expense Engine reflects special tax properties of German tax law. Both legal boarding and accommodation packages are calculated, as well as vehicle mileage. Travel expense reports are automatically created from the travel services booked, and only require the addition of travel costs incurred by the traveller. The system automatically generates a template for a travel expense report as soon as the arrival dates of the “current travel” are in the past.

The traveller decides whether he wants to combine several trips in a travel expense report. First a review of the already stored travel cost per trip is required. If, for example, the cost of the rental car is no longer in compliance with the price at time of booking because additional services were purchased on site, the traveller may amend the relevant travel costs. Simultaneously, local travel costs incurred can be billed. A new expense voucher with the appropriate expense type will be created.

With the use of Atlatos Profi Traveller and Atlatos Expense Engine, companies can cover the entire business travel process from planning and booking to travel expense reporting – one platform for complete travel arrangements.