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Atlatos Expense Engine

Travel expense billing: fast, accurate and efficient according to company specifications

Travel expense billing can now be easily settled with Atlatos Expense Engine. Here, reservation data is already listed, so that a re-entry for the services booked is not necessary.

Atlatos Expense Engine reflects special tax properties of German tax law. Both legal boarding and accommodation packages are calculated, as well as vehicle mileage. Travel expense reports are automatically created from the travel services booked, and only require the addition of travel costs incurred by the traveller. The system automatically generates a template for a travel expense report as soon as the arrival dates of the “current travel” are in the past.

The traveller decides whether he wants to combine several trips in a travel expense report. First a review of the already stored travel cost per trip is required. If, for example, the cost of the rental car is no longer in compliance with the price at time of booking because additional services were purchased on site, the traveller may amend the relevant travel costs. Simultaneously, local travel costs incurred can be billed. A new expense voucher with the appropriate expense type will be created.

With the use of Atlatos Profi Traveller and Atlatos Expense Engine, companies can cover the entire business travel process from planning and booking to travel expense reporting – one platform for complete travel arrangements. In addition to the self-service travel expense report, with our partner TAA we offer travel expenses as outsourcing based on the Atlatos Expense Engine.

The future belongs to web-based travel epense reporting

Travel expenses are among the most unpopular tasks of employees and are also time consuming.The aim is threefore to make travel expense reporting as comfortable as possible and to reduce the amount of time needed. .

An online billing tool increases the efficiency of travel expense reporting significantly Based on accounting data, travel expense reporting can be quickly completed. Simply complete local expenses incurred, if necessary correct travel times and forward for online approval.

For efficient travel expense reporting, different types of report forms may be the right solution for your company.

Self-service reporting

In self-service travel expense report employees use an online billing tool and can easily handle the expense report. An online approval process allows for the release by the supervisor. After a final review and release of the report, the accounting department can create an exportable file, according to company wishes, to later import into a record keeping system for accounting and payment. The sub-ledger with account assignments, key control, cost centers are already shown in the online billing tool.

Settlement in Semi-Self Service

In the semi-self service travel expense report, employes use an online billing tool and can easily handle the travel expense report. An online aapproval process allows for the release by the supervisor. Then a service company such as TAA, checks the correctness of the tax accounting, authorizes payment to the employee, archives the report and provides the company with the desired reporting data.

Settlement in Full-Service

Full-service reporting is the easiest method of reporting for the employee. As with the shoebox principle, all documents with the travel time and cost centers are directly passed to the billing service company. The service then creates the travel expense report using an online accounting tool and reviews their compliance according to company travel policy. Then the service provider authorizes pay to the employees, archieves the report and provides the company with the desired reporting data.